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Building Your Business

Let Harris Investment Advisors help with expert planning for business growth, success and transitions...

Maximizing Your Investment in Your Business

Risk Management, Growth and Succession

All businesses, large and small, are a major investment. Like any investment, your goals for your business are to maximize growth and minimize risk. Meeting these goals can be demanding. As your business grows, let Harris Investment Advisors help you manage the new opportunities, risks and responsibilities that emerge.

Whether you work for yourself, have a small office with a few employees or run a large operation with hundreds, we look at planning from a big picture perspective. Being business owners ourselves, we can recommend ways to help you save money, find money as your business grows, and a variety of other strategies that will help your individual situation.

Processing Consultants, LLC

Processing Consultants is a subsidiary of Harris Investment Advisors; a financial planning firm that assists in reducing monthly business expenses. We set ourselves apart in this industry by acting as a trusted advisor and consultant...not a processor. We are always looking out for the best interest of our clients.

We use the services of various processors that offer businesses secure, web and terminal based credit card and ACH solutions that process millions of transactions a day for a wide variety of industries. Our consulting team has an unrivaled background in designing and implementing electronic payment solutions and we offer other merchant solutions such as:

- Lowest Rates 
- Local Support 
- Local Service 
- Cash Advances(Up to $300,000) 
- Check cashing 
- ACH Capabilities 

- Gift Cards 
- ATM Card Processing 
- State-of-the-Art Equipment 
- Software Solution (POS) 
- Wireless Terminals 
- Next Day Funding

Managing Risk: Business Insurance & Asset Protection

As a business owner, you know that there are risks to your operation that you can't control. The imbalance caused by a fluctuating economy can pose a threat to even the most established companies. The unexpected loss of employees or assets can cripple your ability to generate revenue. Because there are so many dangers out there, it's crucial that you have a plan in place to protect your investment from the unknown.

To manage your company's risk, Harris Investment Advisors can help you with comprehensive business insurance packages, individual policies and asset protection programs. As Arizona business owners ourselves, we can help you find the proper protection that your business needs to prosper. We know that your company and industry are unique, so we'll identify the programs and policies that will provide the best protection from the specific hazards of your business. Running a business will always be unpredictable, but effective and affordable coverage can limit your vulnerability and allow your business to prosper.

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance

Key Man Insurance

Liability Insurance

Asset Protection

"No matter what your business does, you need some form of insurance, whether it's required by law or used to protect your company and its employees. We can help you decide what needs to be covered and how that coverage should work."

— David Harris, Founder and Principal, Harris Investment Advisors

Succession Planning

No business can survive for long without an able owner or executive making important decisions about the direction of the company. When that key individual is no longer able to make those decisions or steps down without putting a plan in place, the business can be thrown into a state of chaos. Large and small businesses alike can avoid this situation by creating a succession plan.

Unique needs will arise as you plan an exit strategy from your business. Harris Investment Advisors offers proven expertise in analyzing those needs and developing an efficient, effective strategy. Whether you are passing your business on to family members or trusted employees or selling the company to new owners, we can guide you through the complexities of business succession.

Buy/Sell Agreements

"Many business owners approaching retirement don't have a strong plan in place to determine what will happen to their company after they leave. When we help business owners with succession planning, we work to simplify the process and create a more secure financial future for all the parties involved." — David Harris, Founder and Principal, Harris Investment Advisors"

— David Harris, Founder and Principal, Harris Investment Advisors

Employee Benefits Programs

They're called "employee benefits," but choosing the right company health insurance plan, retirement plan an other employee programs can benefit a company's ownership just as much as its employees. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee, and a solid benefits plan increases job satisfaction and production. As your businesses grows, your benefits package can also play a role in attracting talented new employees.

Harris Investment Advisors can help you structure a competitive, affordable employee benefits plan. Remember that decisions regarding insurance and benefits affect not just you, but your family, your employees and their families. We can help you decide the best plan of action.


Group Health Insurance

Supplemental Health & Other Benefits

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