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Harris Investment Advisors offers insurance advice on the following types of Insurance


  • Term Life

  • Universal Life 

  • Whole Life 

  • Variable Life

  • Long-Term Care

  • Disability

Insurance products can be very complicated. You need someone who is on your side and has your best interests in mind. It is best to find an advisor or broker that represents many different companies instead of just one.


Here are some of our best concepts:


“Super ROTH IRA”

Created by over-funding a universal or whole life insurance policy to create a tax-free benefit at retirement.


Benefits to the concept are:

  1. No contribution limits and

  2. No income limits.


“Smart Money” Concept

Are you tired of earning so little with your money market funds and savings accounts? We can offer a life insurance policy that can earn as much the S&P 500 (minus a spread of 4%) in any given 1-year term. Get your money out without surrender charges.


To find out more about these concepts please call me or set an appointment.

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