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Financial Balance for Life's Choices

Our services are geared toward maximizing your financial potential in every phase of life. If it has a dollar figure attached, give Harris Financial Advisors a call ...

Wealth Management in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Financial planning is a journey that you shouldn‘t have to take alone. The path to creating, enhancing, protecting and passing on your wealth presents a set of complex and interwoven challenges. Without an experienced guide, knowing which steps to take – and when to take them – can be a daunting task.

Harris Financial Advisors provides expert guidance to help you maximize your financial potential in every phase of life. Whether you are embarking on your journey or are looking to protect and preserve the wealth you've already created, we can offer the right tools and unbiased, professional advice to meet your needs every step of the way.

Managing Your Health & Well-Being

Good health becomes more precious to us as we get older. We cannot take this for granted. So, we need to plan to avoid being a burden to family and friends. At Harris Investment Advisors, we can help manage risk and provide a sustainable future for your family by securing the four cornerstones of protection: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability and Long-Term Care.

Securing coverage is more affordable than you think. Let us help you find it.

Let us help you prepare and give you peace of mind.

"Most people give very little thought to how important it is to plan for things like disability and long-term care. By helping you make the right decisions now, before you find that you may be unable to do so, we can save a considerable amount of time, money and anxiety for you and your loved ones down the road."

— David Harris, Founder and Principal, Harris Investment Advisors

Wealth Creation/Enhancement and Retirement Planning

You have probably spent most of your life working hard to save for retirement. But if you don't give your retirement plan the proper care and attention, you may have trouble reaching your future goals. Having your assets properly invested in your best earning years can be crucial to your success.

Let us take the guesswork out of managing your portfolio and bring your retirement planning to the next level...

Leaving a Legacy

Let us help you shape your legacy. Whether it is leaving money for your place of worship or an income for your children or grandchildren, we can assist you in crafting a plan that is based on communication, value and trust.

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