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Lower Risk

Our investment strategy will assist in smoothing some of the ups and downs so you can sleep better at night ...

Financial & Retirement Planning

We offer expert planning and advice in all areas of your life that involve money... 

  • From helping your family

  • Support for your health & lifestyle

  • Finding financial comfort

  • and Building a legacy            


Are you looking for growth, income, principal protection or a little bit of each?

Maybe you are looking for an advisor that will review your policy annually.  We promise to offer full transparency on all policy expenses. Click-Learn More to see how we get paid.


Harris Investment Advisors offers you the ability to shop over 40 insurance companies. Let us educate you on the best situations to use term, universal or whole life and if you can benefit from

Long- Term Care Insurance.

College Financial Planning

We are experts in finding ways to reduce college expenses that you will never hear from a college's financial office. Set up a free meeting with us to learn about little known ways to lower your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Comprehensive Financial Planning for Individuals, Families and Businesses

Harris Investment Advisors LLC is an independent investment advisory firm in Scottsdale, Arizona, created to provide you with a full circle of financial services for every stage of your life – from the beginning of your career through retirement. We specialize in portfolio growth and wealth management, insurance, trusts, and tax minimization and estate planning.

Our Full Suite of Services

Harris Investment Advisors brings low cost, highly diversified investment solutions to clients, with a focus in the following areas:

Health and Well Being

  • Life Insurance

  • Disability

  • Long Term Care

  • Health Insurance

  • Medicare Supplements

Our focus is on full circle investing — whether it’s saving, managing a business, planning for and enjoying your retirement, or making plans to pass your wealth on to your heirs, let Harris Investment Advisors help you through it.

Above all, we are committed to honoring your needs, values and principles. By developing an understanding of what’s important to you, we can create an investment strategy that reflects what matters most to you.

Harris Investment Advisors, LLC is a partner of Edelman Financial Services.

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